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A Whole New World!

Heyyyy Readers Hayyyyyyyyy, Well it has been a while since I last posted. That’s because Snarkward was being readied for one of the changes that I talked about in my Updates post. The writers here at Snarkward wanted to try something different for our 5th year (WTF 5 years already?) on the web and make […]

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Merry late Christmas Story (Or the Baby Jesusmus edition)

Every year crazy Auntie B invites me to her mega church to watch their Christmas story, and of course, every year I oblige her. I have often thought that Auntie B believes that if I go, the play will be so good that I will start watching Fox news and start fear mongering (with God’s […]

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December FREAK!

The Day: December 6th 2013 The time: 4:30pm EST Location: Suburbia, mid-west USA As we look down from our lurker vantage point we see a young, full-of-vigor and handsome Herr Falco feverously working in his yard, preparing it for the icy grip of winter that is on its way. The Temperature this day is a […]

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So, it has been a while since we last posted on here. I hope it gave you time to go through our archives and read some of our older (maybe funnier) posts. Now that winter has set in and a new year is upon us, we have started working on making Snarkward even better for […]

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Mission (mostly) imPossible

Mission (mostly) imPossible Play the theme music… Handed to me on a bar napkin …”Falco, should you chose to accept it, your mission is to get a post on Craig’s List- Best Of. You cannot employ direct request from social media or friends to nominate you into social media fame.  This message will forever stick […]

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The other day I had another great adventure.  What’s important about this is the MEME that came out of it. MERICA! Herr Falco Facebook

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Drunk Action Team Unite!

As I get older (close to 40), I find myself living out potential scenes from Old School 2 (Ben Gay on the Street). Recently some friends and I combined our nerd powers and formed a new league; the Drunk Action Team! So we are not alone in our personal search for the vigor of our […]

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I give you bread! or something…


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Gear Vendors Fail

Public Relations Gear Vendors I would like to “thank you” for making this letter/ blog post/ forum fodder so easy to write.  It takes a deep employee-commitment-to-a-belief-in-product-superiority-and-poor-customer-service to get me so riled up, that I would vent my dissatisfaction with you in so many public ways.  So that you understand why I am so mad, […]

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The Last Harlem Shake

Ok people, we all know the Harlem Shake is as over played as Psy.  So, I made the Last Harlem Shake dance video that you will ever need to watch! You can thank me later. Now tell all your friends and spread the link (I’m not joking). The Last Harlem Shake Stella your Queen Facebook

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