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Painting is Hard: Harper’s Index Edition

Today I decided to paint my “dining” room (I remember dining there exactly twice).  Pretty simple undertaking, right?  Ceiling, trim, walls, two coats, done.  I even bought the special new paint with the primer ALREADY MIXED IN.  I am fancy. … Continue reading

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Toxic Mom, Part 2

I’m not quite halfway through a two-month visit from my toxic mom. I’ve recovered from the whole sugar competition, partly because she’s totally lost it and is now eating frosting straight out of the can. But now that we’ve sunk … Continue reading

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BlogLuxe Awards

Greetings, lovers of fine snark!  We are pleased to let you know that we are a nominee for a BlogLuxe Most Provocative blog award.  Please vote for us. You know you want to. That is all, now please return to … Continue reading

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In Loving Memories

Today, I came across one of my greatest pet peeves.  A car with the phrase “In Loving Memory of ….”  Now, I love cars and have no problem with dedications, but if you do this, it needs to be on … Continue reading

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Ding! Round One!

They were fighting over beans.  That’s how it always starts. Facebook

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You Give Customer Service A Bad Name

I used to work in customer service.  First as a hostess/waitress, then in a phone center complaint department.   I get it.  The job sucks.  It made me the bitter, cynical person I am today.   But I always tried … Continue reading

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Mama Betchausen vs. Hollywood

Come with me, Snarky Friends, on another exciting journey down Crazy Family Lane. My folks reside overseas, but Mama B treks stateside every year for an extended visit with family and friends.  So, during my mom’s annual, two-month long stay … Continue reading

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Trust me!

Today, while shopping, I saw a lady wearing a shirt that said “Trust me it’s BIG”. I did not know whether she meant the overly large melon-of-a-head her body was forced to carry around or her junk. Either way, Gross! Facebook

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Poetry, Bitches, Poetry!

In high school I went through an artsy phase and wrote some poetry.  Now I know what you are thinking.  I was some stupid emo kid full of angst and self loathing.  That, however, could not have been further from … Continue reading

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Toxic Mom, Part 1

So, my mean mom is here visiting from Texas. She stays at our house for two months every summer (yes, I’m a pansy). Everything is great for the first week or so. She’s playing with the kid, washing the dishes, … Continue reading

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