Days 3/4 at GenCon

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Here I am at day 4.  I was not able to post yesterday due to a crazy schedule and some serious working of my liver later in the night.  So, let me recap day 3 for you.  I could put it into one word but that would not do it justice.  First off I am now a nerd!  I never knew this and it is very strange for me to say that.  Apparently though, I have all the markers a nerd strives to have, an Asian wife, the knowledge of what a LAN party is and a D6.  I started out a Hot Rodder at the beginning of all of this and now I could be one missed shower away from total nerdom (don’t cry for me it is just a paradigm shift. SHIT more nerd speak!)!  So, back to day 3, this way the day that all of the Cos-Play people came out, WTF is Cos-Play you say, well it is adult dress up!  These people are serious about their costumes too.  It is not uncommon for them to spend 6-7 months making everything for their character.  I really love them, not for their dedication but for their craziness.  A good cos-player will not break character even during questions about their costumes.  You can check out all of their costumes in my photo link:   Now on to day 4.  This was probably my biggest day yet at the GenCon.  I had so much happen, lets start with a nerd fight.  This fight was exceptional in the fact that it was between a nerd dad and his nerd son! This is the section that I caught:

Dad: That is not normal

Son: IT is Normal

Dad: you cannot classify THAT as Normal

Son: In My world THAT is Normal

Me looking at the guy next to me: WTF there is nothing normal here!

Guy: true that, Normal doesn’t game.

After that glorious exchange I worked my way back to the hotel to get ready for the Zombie Parade.  Yea I know zombies are cool so I had to go and be one.  The big hits of the parade this year were, well me (corporate zombie), Jesus zombie, and Umbrella zombies to round out the bunch.  The parade went as expected with people generally being annoyed by everyone yelling BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS. From their I made my way to play some AWESOME Batteltech.  These things are very cool!  I tried one of the first versions as a child, and to see it now was just amazing.  I finally ended my night with some blear, I mean Beer, and promptly went to bed around 4am. There you have it, a recap to tide you over till I get home and fill you in on my last few days here.



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