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Recently a friend of mine went through a breakup of not-so-epic proportions with her crazy boyfriend.  This would have been of little note to you if it had not brought forth a memory of a once awesome pastime for me, the making of a Mix Tape.  For those of you in my generation, you know the Mix Tape as the ultimate expression of your emotions.   For you gen-y’ers I will need to break this down for you and don’t be afraid to use Wiki for any foreign terms.  A Mix Tape is a compilation of songs that you have recorded onto a cassette tape to convey your true emotions to the intended listener.  Now this is not a ‘play list’ nor is it a Bit Torrent file or even a burnt CD.  It is a 12 song cassette tape (You might want to Wiki ‘cassette tape’ now) that took you 3 hours to make (an average amount of time) and that does not even include the handmade jacket art you manically slaved over. 

To make a Mix Tape it takes one and only one key ingredient, a manic level of emotion oh, and a theme.  You need to feel so strongly about your hate, love or some other shit, which you just can’t let go. Just like all those crazy chicks, who have made tapes for me over the years to tell me their ‘feelings’.  This emotion is a must to carry you through the process.  You can’t make a Mix Tape in stages over a day or two, it just won’t work.  Your thought process will get all screwed up and your message will be lost.  The theme (your message) is as important as your manic emotions.  All your songs revolve around this and need to convey everything you want to say at that moment!  You want the theme of your mix tape to come across like a teenage girl telling you everything she did at the mall (spanning 6 hours) in one breath-of-life-giving-air.  For example, let’s say that you are a nymphomaniac (crazy chick) and you want to proclaim this to your new boy-toy in a Gonna-Get-U-Some mix tape.  Your first song should be “I want to ride your disco stick” or maybe “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”  Understand?  I hope so.  I really want these things to make a comeback. Now go off and make your own, while I make one for myself that I should have made a long time ago.

Theme:  You’re CRAZY & I HATE YOU (Breakup melody)


1: Love is a battlefield- Why did you always make it this way?

2: You don’t know what love is- Cuz you’re mentally BROKE!

3: Everybody Hurts- Now is your time

4:  Here I go again- What, you didn’t see this coming? Maybe cuz your C R A Z Y!

5: Bye, Bye, Bye- Yup, Eat A D! B

Well, I think that’s enough.  I am in a much better place now, and do not have the rage to finish out the tape.  I think you get the idea of what I am going after here, Ahhhh lost love and rage filled hate.                

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