Then I cried in the shower

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In our age of look at me, I have a cause!  I have noticed that there is currently a full frontal (I typed Full Frontal) assault on our calendar.  Everyone is trying to stake a claim to a day and make it their own.  While celebrating Fat Tuesday it was brought to my attention that it was also National Woman’s Day.  Really, I am all for National Woman’s Day and whatever it may stand for but why try and take Fat Tuesday away from everyone?  Riding the coattails of a holiday is not the way to gain any respect or be noticed.  Of all the holidays you could try to hijack, why would you want to be attached to the one dedicated to gluttony? Gluttony of all things, including Debauchery and walks of shame!  After much thinking about this I have come to the reason why these two are paired together, low self esteem.  Yup, Fat Tuesday + National Woman’s Day = Low Self Esteem Day.  So, great Job National Woman’s Day! Way to point out that most women are fat and that their causes are often ignored because of other things by really creating Low Self Esteem Day.

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