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Happy Birthday

Every year like clockwork I take another step closer to wearing diapers and eating baby food again.  My body knows this and never misses its yearly reminder about how old I actually am.  This morning was no exception.  During what … Continue reading

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All Bow Down

We are proud to announce a new addition to our contributing staff.  Everyone please welcome Stella Queen Dog.  She is all about building her brand and having others maintain her lifestyle.  Stella’s response to this. Facebook

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Melt Your God Damn Cheese the “Reply”

If you read my last post, you know that I sent my demands off to my favorite Fast Food restaurants.  I thought that no one would reply.  After all, I did tend to come off as a mad hatter in … Continue reading

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Melt your God Damn CHEESE!

I feel I can consider myself lucky, during my life, the Fast Food industry has only let me down a handful of times.  For some of you, my problems are “First World” & have stopped reading by now.  For the … Continue reading

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The Resolution

Happy New Year to you and some of those around you, I just survived the first day of the new year or as I like to call it “Resolution, I didn’t agree to that”.  I dread and love this day … Continue reading

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