Drunk Action Team Unite!

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As I get older (close to 40), I find myself living out potential scenes from Old School 2 (Ben Gay on the Street). Recently some friends and I combined our nerd powers and formed a new league; the Drunk Action Team! So we are not alone in our personal search for the vigor of our 20’s, I’m going to lay out the rules of our new league, the Drunk Action Team! So, you can make your own Drunk Action Team!

1- The Drunk Action Team! needs to consist of at least 3 members. As there is no “I” in the word team, and we all know “me” is the only person that works on your TEAM at work, the Drunk Action Team! is a posse and there are People in this Posse and Ourselves! (Shut up, that analogy so works!)

2- What some would call the Murtaugh rule; At least 2 of the Drunk Action Team! members need to be too old for this shit. (If you do not get this rule, you are not too old for this shit!)

3- The quest the Drunk Action Team! embarks upon should strike a fine balance between being easily completed, while sober, yet not so difficult as to not be completed while smashed, i.e. getting pub nachos from across the street 10min. before the pub closes.

4- Upon completing your quest, the Drunk Action Team! needs to regale your conquest to your un-amused significant others and those around you. Each Drunk Action Team Member needs to repeat the story of your conquest from your own perspective, while making your adventure ever more grandiose. 

5- At the end of your night, as a member of the Drunk Action Team!, each member needs to make one last request from their “side kick”, a run for the border! As we all know, nothing says you’ve had a good night of successful drinking than Taco Bell. Unless you’re from ‘Mericas Hat; then you run and get poutine. (It’s ok Canada, we all know fake Mexicans never cross your border.)

There you have it, now you can saunter off and form your own Drunk Action Team!, The next time you and 2 or more of your “friends” are at the bar.   

Herr Falco

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