Mission (mostly) imPossible

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Mission (mostly) imPossible

Play the theme music… Handed to me on a bar napkin

…”Falco, should you chose to accept it, your mission is to get a post on Craig’s List- Best Of. You cannot employ direct request from social media or friends to nominate you into social media fame.  This message will forever stick itself to the bottom of a pint glass in 3,2,1”…

Accepting my mission, I set off, researching 100’s of other Best Of posts, I came up with the following.

Wanted- Your Recipe

Hi, Last week while mowing my lawn, I found an upside down paper plate in it.  I assume this plate blew in the day before, from your recycling bin that was emptied by our rage-filled garbage man (you know what I’m talking about).  Normally, I would just mow over this trash and let the lawn eat it but something inside me said, “Spare the Plate, spare the plate” so, I picked the plate up and noticed that it still had some food stuck to it.  For reasons I can only understand now, I was compelled to smell the hard, leftover food residue on your discarded party plate.  Then, without remorse, I licked that plate and Holy Crap did that baked bean smear taste Awesome! Out of some form of dignity and/or shame I was not going to tell anyone about this.  However, your beans have followed me through my dreams and consumed my thoughts.  I can no longer live without your recipe!  If this was your plate please e-mail me your recipe and or leave it in the replies for everyone, I can only hope that this outreach to the universe, will end the torment of my bean-less soul.  Thanks

I’m not telling you what to do but you know what needs to happen…


Herr Falco

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