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So, it has been a while since we last posted on here. I hope it gave you time to go through our archives and read some of our older (maybe funnier) posts.

Now that winter has set in and a new year is upon us, we have started working on making Snarkward even better for you in 2014. The coming changes will be slight so, don’t freak out! We’re not going to alter your internet world like Facebook does every 6 months or harass you like Google+. What we have been working on is expanding our media vision.

In 2014 we are working on bringing you our first international correspondent from the Philippines. We have also been experimenting with YouTube and some video production so we can bring our blog to a whole new audience and snarky level. We are also working on being more regular with our postings. As we get older here, we have realized what our grandparents have been talking about all along is really true; a regular unloading is good for the body and mind. So, please take notice of the changes as we roll them out and enjoy.


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