December FREAK!

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The Day: December 6th 2013

The time: 4:30pm EST

Location: Suburbia, mid-west USA

As we look down from our lurker vantage point we see a young, full-of-vigor and handsome Herr Falco feverously working in his yard, preparing it for the icy grip of winter that is on its way. The Temperature this day is a balmy 46 deg F. and Herr Falco is in a stylish light jacket and fun colored stocking cap. Even from this distance we can hear Herr Falco cursing Al Gore and his stupid Inconvenient Truth as he walks in overlapping straight lines back and forth through his lawn.

Suddenly from the distance Herr Falco hears the long forgotten sound of small wheels rolling down his street.  This stops Herr Falco dead in his tracks, looking up at the origin of this noise. Herr Falco processes this odd sound in his mind and he finally realizes what he is seeing.

A teenage girl is also outside taking advantage of what is surely going to be the last “warm” day till spring. As she makes her way through the neighborhood, she turns down Herr Falco’s street. The girl is confronted by the more of the norm for this time of the year, people putting up last minute Christmas lights and the last of the leaves being raked up. Half way down the block her Royals jam is interrupted when she feels the intense stare of Herr Falco fall on her.

As their worlds collide, the teenage girl on her skateboard and Herr Falco mowing his lawn, they share the same look with one another. “What are you doing FREAK?!?!? It’s December!”  

Herr Falco

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2 Responses to December FREAK!

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