A Whole New World!

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Heyyyy Readers Hayyyyyyyyy, Well it has been a while since I last posted. That’s because Snarkward was being readied for one of the changes that I talked about in my Updates post.

The writers here at Snarkward wanted to try something different for our 5th year (WTF 5 years already?) on the web and make the jump into print, well sort of. We tossed around the idea of pulling our blog post and making them book ready. That idea seemed lame and done before. We also thought about writing the first Snarky novel and putting parts of it on Snarkward. Then we realized that noooooobody finishes their novel and it’s not really us anyways. Finally with a cocktail in one hand and a cupcake in the other (we’re sophisticated) we realized and set upon our new direction, a cookbook.

Not just any cookbook though, a snarky cookbook. A cookbook, that hipsters and foodies will talk about at parties. A cookbook, full of desserts not deserts. A cookbook, full of left over Booze and new (?) mixed drinks. A cookbook, that makes you believe you are the best drunk baker in the WORLD! #KingOFTheWORLD

So, what does all this mean for Snarkward? Well, like any blog we are going to take you on our journey. We plan on telling you about making the recipes, our inspirations and struggles. We may even post a recipe for you from time to time, all with the goal of eventually putting our cookbook to press.

You may be asking yourself if we are going to change our “voice”, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm No! We will still be the same snarky B’s that you have grown to love. So, grab your favorite pimp cup and loosen your belt, things are about to get all crunk and sloppy up in here.

Herr Falco

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