Moving in the direction of snark.

Just because I touched it, doesn’t make it Asian

“Hey, Tita, what do you call this asian salad?”  “Um, cole slaw.” Yeah, I get asked dumb questions like that all the time.  Sometimes, though, they’re questions about my “mexican” heritage, of which I have none.  (Some people are clueless.  But it’s still better that being called Oriental.)  Anyway, on our recent camping trip, I […]

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Unintentionally Hilarious: A Conversation with my Stylist

I was surprised to find that J did not realize that an Ulta store had moved into our area recently.  Granted, she does live in an outlying small town, but everyone drives to the main, larger town to do any shopping.  Plus…she does hair.  Not only did she not realize that we had an Ulta, […]

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