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Mission (mostly) imPossible

Mission (mostly) imPossible Play the theme music… Handed to me on a bar napkin …”Falco, should you chose to accept it, your mission is to get a post on Craig’s List- Best Of. You cannot employ direct request from social … Continue reading

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Missed Connections (the Craigslist edition)

Ok people, it’s time to dim the lights and put on some Lionel Richie- Hello.  Mood set? Great.  Recently my dog, Queen Stella had me post a Missed Connections for her on Craigslist.  Like all great owners I did as … Continue reading

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Why you gotta be like that, baby?

This is a heartfelt missive/public service announcement to all those hapless but well meaning males posting profiles on dating sites. One site in particular–I’ll call it inharmonious.com–requires a lengthy and somewhat grueling introspective questionnaire designed to reward the effort by … Continue reading

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