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A Whole New World!

Heyyyy Readers Hayyyyyyyyy, Well it has been a while since I last posted. That’s because Snarkward was being readied for one of the changes that I talked about in my Updates post. The writers here at Snarkward wanted to try something different for our 5th year (WTF 5 years already?) on the web and make […]

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Drunk Action Team Unite!

As I get older (close to 40), I find myself living out potential scenes from Old School 2 (Ben Gay on the Street). Recently some friends and I combined our nerd powers and formed a new league; the Drunk Action Team! So we are not alone in our personal search for the vigor of our […]

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Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

OMG, you guys!  We pulled into Krispy Kreme’s parking lot tonight and saw a guy lying in the bushes.  J-girl screamed & pointed at him, yelled at Herr Falco to pull over and see if he’s dead.  Herr Falco, being a licensed funeral director among other things, goes “He’s not dead, I know that slump.  […]

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Rules Maker, Heartbreaker: A Very Special Snarkward Episode

Once again, I am forced to explain the rules.  People, rules are for the safety, happiness and benefit of everyone.  It is also for the lording over others.  But that’s another matter.  What is important to remember is that there are rules for a reason.  I hope you know, Snarky Friends, that I heart each […]

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A Sober Apology to the Chick Drummer

To the very cool Chick Drummer, Yeah, so first of all, I just wanna say that I think you kick some serious ass.  You are a badass!  I can’t help but be hypnotized by your percussiveness.  It’s awesome.  I just wanna take this opportunity to apologize for some unfortunate things which may have occurred at […]

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