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Melt your God Damn CHEESE!

I feel I can consider myself lucky, during my life, the Fast Food industry has only let me down a handful of times.  For some of you, my problems are “First World” & have stopped reading by now.  For the rest of you, I know you understand me and my 99 problems so, read on […]

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Hate Mail! an open letter to the Free Beer & Hot Wings show

Ok peeps, Every now and then your Herr Falco needs to write a hate mail to some big corporate conglomerate. Usually these letters are written in a Lawyer-ed manor that lays out my “F U, now make it right.”  This hate mail was different, which is why I had to share it.  If you have […]

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Toxic Mom, Part 1

So, my mean mom is here visiting from Texas. She stays at our house for two months every summer (yes, I’m a pansy). Everything is great for the first week or so. She’s playing with the kid, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, and being generally complimentary and polite. By two weeks (which is about […]

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My name is Herr Falco, and I am in love with food.  Scratch that, I am in love with FLAVOR.  This love has led me down a path of fatness that I have just decided to roll off of.  I could forget about food all together if they could pack all that hot lusty flavor […]

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