Moving in the direction of snark.

Bad Touch

I love it when I find someone as self-deprecating as myself.  Kindred spirits, I say.  ‘Cause if I can’t find the humor in my own antics, then no one else will either.  Case in point, Ms. Pretty McCurlydo.  She’s lovely.  She makes me laugh so hard I cry and/or need to pee.  And I’m not […]

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How to be a Good Neighbor (hint: does not involve tongue)

Friends, I have many colorful characters in my life that keep things interesting. Today I’m going to tell you about my neighbor. He calls himself Big Daddy, so that’s what I’ll call him here, too. The first thing you need to know about BD is that he is awesome. He keeps my driveway cleared of […]

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My Eyes Are Burning… Again

So, I had an unpleasant visual experience the other day. I know; it’s becoming a thing with me. But I swear, this time, I was not paying for it. Well, “asking for it” is more accurate. I paid, believe me.

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