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The ABCs According to Uncle Joss

Recently, Tita B and I were nerding out over how much we love Buffy and Angel. So for you Whedon newbies out there (or dorks like us who just can’t get enough), we decided to create a special alphabet based on our favorite stories. We welcome your additions in the comments! A is for Angel/Anya/Andrew/Adam/the […]

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A Werewolf and a Vampire Walk into a Bar…

Ok, so the entire Snarkward staff (plus a lovely friend) went to see New Moon tonight. And of course, we are all full of opinions and nonsense that we’d like to share with you now…let’s start with the Fraulein:

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When Worlds Collide…You Might Have Diabetes

I think many of us can agree that we each have a variety of social circles: work friends, old-skool peeps, friends from a certain hobby/activity. And we can probably also agree that it is best to keep those groups separate. No intermingling with the groups. Otherwise, worlds collide and there is much awkwardness.

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How Ellie Greenwich Made 9th Grade Suck Less

High school sucks; everyone knows this.  Most people squirm when they think about it.  Joss Whedon made a pile of money comparing it to hell.  It’s the source of much anxiety and general suckitude.  My freshman year of high school was as crappy as anyone else’s:  I did and said the wrong things all the […]

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Mama Betchausen vs. Hollywood

Come with me, Snarky Friends, on another exciting journey down Crazy Family Lane. My folks reside overseas, but Mama B treks stateside every year for an extended visit with family and friends.  So, during my mom’s annual, two-month long stay (with me, no less), I try to set a goal of getting her hooked on […]

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