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That Thing You Do

A co-worker whom I shall refer to as Beady Eyes McGee just came up to my desk bearing several large binder clips and a list of cube-dwellers in the area.  She proceeded to inform me that she recently “tripped on some wires under her desk” and was going from cube to cube alerting others to […]

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Wank of America

I recently spent four lovely semesters finishing my degree at my neighborhood state university.  I was a part time student and mainly went in the evenings, so I opted to not get even more shafted purchase a parking sticker.  Instead, I armed myself with a few rolls of quarters and parked in the metered spots.  […]

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I’m Not Oriental: A Q&A with Idiocy

Hey, there, snark-minded people.  I just need to get this off my chest.  We are living in the 21st century.  It’s 2009.  And we have been force-fed seconds and thirds from the political correctness buffet for years.  Even here in the Midwest, where diversity is not as accessible as in NY or LA and the […]

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