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Drunk Action Team Unite!

As I get older (close to 40), I find myself living out potential scenes from Old School 2 (Ben Gay on the Street). Recently some friends and I combined our nerd powers and formed a new league; the Drunk Action … Continue reading

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Kathy Griffin, Make me a civilian guest!

For years now, I have had a dream to rule the world through pop culture.  Things have started slow for me but I am long-lived and determined.  I will prevail.  Today, my rule grows stronger (insert laugh here) with another … Continue reading

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The Giving Taco

Ok, Children, gather around, you too, Sam (you sloth).  We adults are about to sit down and have an adult conversation on a 12-year-old level.  So, I need you to go to the other room and watch that Baby Einstein … Continue reading

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