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Here’s looking at you… Douche.

So I work with this douche bag. Sorry, I should probably clarify, I work with about 200 douche bags, but some of them a more bag than douche. This is not one of those people. This guy is all douche. I mean 100% grade A, FDA certified, corn fed, DOUCHE. So this guy, we’ll call him Mr. Mega Douche or MMD for short. He sits in a cubicle right next to me. I should also point out that he is one of only four people in our area. An area that is situated in a large closet/storage room. Seriously, they still use this room that we sit in to store bags of garbage. Which by the way is awesome for morale. Needless to say this is a very small space so everyone gets to be cozy. The good news is, the other two gents who share the room with me are great. The bad news is that MMD is irritating enough to destroy any non suck that we have going on in our room. Continue reading

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I’ll trade you for some gonorrhea

Some of you may remember that in a previous post I reffered to my boss as The Hep. I did this because I feel that working for her is like having an STD. You know, the hep, the syph, the clap, whatever you get the point. She sucks both as a boss and at life in general. And she brings the horribleness that is herself down on our whole team of people. The one saving grace is that she works in another state… at least I thought that was a saving grace when I met her. Continue reading

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Three strokes of the keyboard

To all the shiny happy people out thereā€¦

Today I want to talk to you about an awesome and powerful tool invented in the not too distant past. Something that revolutionized the way we communicate with one another. Something that has changed the world… Of course I am referring to, The Smiley. That’s right, good old, : -) . Not the emoticons we now know like this little guy :-) Just our friend, : -)
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