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Please Pass the Brain Scrubber

So I got another acupuncture treatment today.  It’s really the best nap I’ve had in… well, since my last appointment.  I’m trying to stave off round two of this cold, you see, and after spending 2 1/2 weeks down and out last time, I’ll do anything to not relapse.  So The Cold 2: Electric Boogaloo […]

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How to be a Good Neighbor (hint: does not involve tongue)

Friends, I have many colorful characters in my life that keep things interesting. Today I’m going to tell you about my neighbor. He calls himself Big Daddy, so that’s what I’ll call him here, too. The first thing you need to know about BD is that he is awesome. He keeps my driveway cleared of […]

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Did You Make a Boy or a Girl Last Night?

From the Files of TMI (Too Much Information): The office cleaning lady told me something truly, revoltingly personal the other day whilst we were chatting in the kitchen.

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